A Long Time Ago in a Pore Deep, Deep Inside…

You can’t hurry your skin! – 角質培養 –


Hi, there! Thank you for coming to my crazy pore blog. I’m Kozue, pore buster from Tokyo.

Today, I’m going to explain what happened under my skin when I exfoliated.

Family fight in the front line

The outermost of the skin is the layers of flattened, dead keratinocytes which work as the barrier. They are the so-called guardians against anything harmful to the skin.


They become stronger as they travel from the bottom of the skin to the top layer. It’s an important process for them to be good guardians.

———————Surface of the skin———————
top – Grandfather: Done my duty. I’m dying off as a scum.
2nd – Father: I’m totally ready for the fight. Bring it on!
3rd – Child: I’m on the training to be a first-class guardian!
4th – Baby: What is “fight” Mommy?

#You can strip grandfather-guardians by applying scotch tape to your hand.  kakushitsustrip#Never on your face! It’s harmful.

But if I exfoliate my skin, 3rd layer: Child soldiers will be forced to be in the front line although they are not ready for the fight.

It means they are vulnerable to dryness, itching, redness, stinging, and other concerns.

———————Surface of the skin———————
3rd – Child: I’m on the training to be a first-class guardian!
4th – Baby: What is “fight” mommy?

It is true that you can get healthier, younger, ‘glowing’ skin for a while after the exfoliation. But weak, susceptible skin will end up as “rough skin” again.

Have you felt that your skin is getting thinner? It’s the warning against too much skin care. Just let them take their own steps, traveling from the bottom to the top at their own speed.

You can’t hurry your skin!

As The Supremes sung, you can’t hurry “Love” no, “Your Skin”.

You can’t hurry your skin.
No, you just have to wait.
You got to trust, give it time
No matter how long it takes.

Your skin has its own way to become beautiful and strong.

This is kind of the antithesis to the latest skin care trend which forces women to do more; peel off, use toner, wipe off, have laser treatment and so on.

Do less and “leave your skin alone” is to believe in the power of your skin.

Can’t hurry your pores! Give them time!

 - Kakushitsu Baiyo