A Long Time Ago in a Pore Deep, Deep Inside…

Who is the winner of Nose Pore Championship?


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to my crazy blog. Today, I’m honoured to announce the winners of “The first ultimate nose pore championship”.

Thanks a lot for 47 nose-pore addicts who voted for this championship!

And the best pore award goes to…

Hanako (female:20’s)

She also won “The best clogged pore award” and “The largest pore award”.

Here is the message of joy from the winner!

It’s like a dream to win the championship, although I’m nothing without my glaring pores.
Thank you‼(^O^)

She acquired a right to compare pores with me nose-to-nose as extra-prize. But unfortunately it was postponed as she lives far away from me… See you soon, Hanako!

The second pore award goes to…Keana-man!


She also won “The best blackhead award” and “The most humorous award”

Although she is still in her teens, her pores are dark and wonderful. A promising youngster she is.

She said she is going to have her own pore blog soon. Will be a taught competitor for me!

The third pore award goes to…Hair hole woman!

Hair hole woman(female:30’s)


She also won “The most oily pore award”

Pore is called “KEANA” In Japanese. “KE” means hair and “ANA” means hole. Her nickname “Hair Hole Woman” is a literal translation of “KEANA”+ Woman. Good sense of humor, isn’t it? I love it!


Anyway, Kozue, where are you? what place were you in?


I was ended in 5th place in 6 fighters…..OMG!

 - Kouze Sakurada