A Long Time Ago in a Pore Deep, Deep Inside…

This is how the “PORE BUSTER” was born.


Hi, there! Thank you for coming to my crazy pore blog. I’m Kozue, pore buster from Tokyo.

Today, I’d like to talk about the very beginning of my career as a pore buster.

kozue“I’m Kozue Sakurada” written in Japanese in pink.

Anyway, have you ever broken off your engagement?

Me? Yes, I have.

It was seven years ago when I broke off my engagement with my sweet and young boyfriend who had some amount of debt. It was just after receiving a costly engagement ring when I found he had some amount of debt.

He had failed behind in his repayment for a long time. He didn’t tell me exactly how much it was until the very end.

As we lived together at the house owned by his parents, I had to find a new room for myself in Tokyo, and it cost me a lot.

Alone in my room, I found myself, I had no boyfriend no money (no debt) and had nothing to do…how miserable I was! Although I had a lot of free time, I couldn’t care about my skin at all. I lived in despair.

One day I felt I heard the voice from heaven.

VOICE: Kozue! You are a 34-year-old woman who desperate to get married, right? You have to hunt for a new boyfriend who has no debt. PRONTO!

Thanks God, you are right!

Then, I went to a book store and browsed some magazines to study “Be-loved make up” or “Be-loved fashion for blind date”. And inside of the big heavy cosmetic magazine, I found a small booklet saying,

“The luck never comes on Clogged Pores. – Clear your pores to become happy! “

Oh my clogged pores! You made me unhappy. You are the reason for my broken engagement!


OK, I will be a “pore buster” nor a “poor bastard”!

The ex-boyfriend and I used to enjoy pore stripping together showing each other’ result. (weird couple)


It was a very comfortable “open” relationship. But usually, men prefer women with smooth silky pore-less skin, you know.

However the booklet didn’t work on my pores at all, it gave me a reason to live. Yes, I’ll be a pore buster!

VOICE: Kozue! Your real goal is not to become a pore buster but to hunt for a ideal mate of marriage! Don’t forget…


At that time, an “Affiliate program” was introduced as a source of earning extra money. They said “It wouldn’t take up much of your time and you might pick up a nice bit of money.” and encouraged me to start blogging.

So I did.

This is my first blog in Japanese.


This is how I moved on from a broken engagement and started a blog to become the first pore buster in the world.

 - Kouze Sakurada