A Long Time Ago in a Pore Deep, Deep Inside…

Pore strip – the first enemy of my pore wars –


Thank you for coming to my crazy blog. I’m Kozue, pore buster from Tokyo.

Today, I’d like to talk about my fatal encounter with “him”.

I was a high school student when I found my pores looked different from those on my friend’s nose. Mine were big, clogged and oily but others were invisibly small, not stuffed and dried. I didn’t have as much acne as some boys had, but the pores were bigger than theirs and just stood out at the center of my face. I became obsessed by them.

I tried all the pore clearing items at the drugstore and I met “him” for the first time there.

ksp1He is “Pore Strip”

It was an unfortunate encounter for my skin. But at that time, I thought he would be my hero, my final answer. He really did great job: he made my pores totally cleared.

ksp9 ksp12#He did it!

And it was so much fun to see the plugs came off…

ksp24ksp21#My clogs are not “black” heads but beautiful translucent objects 🙂

…and see the pores became empty.

ksp26#taken by USB digital microscope

I thought that “he” solved my pore problem completely!





It was also satisfying and a bit addictive. The instruction said ” frequent use will cause skin troubles” but, I couldn’t help it.

Few days later, my nose became rough with so many blackheads again. Every time I found them, I couldn’t stand with my dirty skin and asked him to get rid of them again!

ksp9Again and again…




Gradually, my skin got sensitive, easy to be dried and slightly redden. He hurt my skin so badly.

Before stripping
ksp2After stripped.
ksp13#Seems painful.

And what was worse, pores got bigger…OMG!

He was not the hero nor the final answer, but the first enemy of my long battle against pores, PORE WARS!




On next article, I’d like to talk about all the treatment I had on my nose to clear and minimize the pores.

#All the pore photos on this article are mine. But they were shot 6 years ago, not in my high school days.

#It doesn’t mean that pore strips are bad for skin. It depends on the condition or type of your skin, and the frequency of the use!

 - pore strip