A Long Time Ago in a Pore Deep, Deep Inside…

My first experience at Aesthetic Dermatology


Hi, there! Thank you for coming to my crazy pore blog. I’m Kozue, pore buster from Tokyo.

Today, I’m going to tell you about my battles in the past.

I had kept on using pore strips on and off until I started blogging in 2009, 7 years ago. It really made my pores cleared but
they clogged again and again. And what was worse, it seemed they were getting bigger.

Details:Pore strip – the first enemy of my pore wars –

So I made up my mind to see the doctor at the aesthetic dermatology to take “Laser Treatment”. I thought it would be a definitive solution: pores would never get clogged. What I need for this decision were…

1.Money: Laser treatments are very expensive.
2.Time: It would have a few days of down time.

And I did it!

1st try in 2004 age:29  [Carbon Peeling]  1 time

It works by the combination of laser technology and a medical carbon mixture.

1.Clear pores with diamond peeling.

2.Fill pores with carbon oil.

Apply the black liquid,
and swipe the surface.

3.Only the inside of the pores will get damaged when the laser hits on the carbon.

4.And the regeneration power of skin would make pores smaller.

I had this laser treatment again in 2013. I will show you what happened to my pores with various photos later.

2nd try [Spots Peeling] 2 times

This treatment is not the laser one but the chemical peeling specialized for pores.

1.Clear pores with steam and vacuum.

2. Apply strong acid (trichloroacetic acid) into pores with extremely thin brush.
takami23.And the regeneration power of skin would make pores smaller.

Good and Bad of these 2 treatments

Good point:
It doesn’t hurt whole skin. It is targeted only inside of pores so that strong laser or acid can be safely applied.

Bad point:
Down time was hard and long….each pores formed scab on them and my nose looked as if I got my nose burnt. I couldn’t see anyone without wearing a big mask for a week.



Just after each treatment, I could feel some reduction of the size. But they get re-clogged in 2 or 3 weeks! OMG! It’s the same as pore strips! And you know, Biore is much cheaper than these lasers. It was not long before I started using pore strips again…and started blogging about it in 2009.

Special treatment for Japanese

We Japanese have black hair, thus our facial hair is also dark. My derma said it makes our pores look black.


Then I had a special combination of theses treatments below at another aesthetic dermatology. 4 times.

1.Chemical Peeling
2.Hair Removal Laser

It cost me a lot but couldn’t see visible change. ;-<


In my next post, more and more battles will be reported with a lot of photos. So please visit my blog again.

Take care of your pores!

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