A Long Time Ago in a Pore Deep, Deep Inside…

“Leave your skin alone” theory – 角質培養 –


Hi, there! Thank you for coming to my crazy pore blog. I’m Kozue, pore buster from Tokyo.

6 years ago, I started devoting myself to “Kakushitsu Baiyo” which is in other words, “Leave your skin alone” theory of skin care.

200904182351105a6#I started on April 18, 2009.

Don’t try to clear your skin. Don’t rub, scrub, scratch even if you find the pores are clogged. DO NOT PICK THEM!

If you leave your skin alone, you’ll look nasty and broken out for a few days. But be patient! To make matters worse, the plugs will grow dramatically… but be patient!

2009050922144847d#On 9th May 2009 The white and black heads are growing.

Keep your skin care to a bare minimum and never rub, scrub, nor scratch. And you’ll be better off for many weeks after.

20091110002928c84#6months after – 10th Nov 2009

Let me explain what happened to my skin and why I recommend this theory.

Is the “Exfoliate” perfect way to glow?

Skin produces new cells everyday. They travel from the bottom layer of the skin to the top layer within around 28days.


The top layer dies and the cells are shed off to reveal healthier, younger, ‘glowing’ skin. But as we age, the rate of cell renewal decreases and dead skin cells can give us a dull complexion.

Therefore “exfoliate” is widely recommended. It is a process that takes away dead skin cells from the surface and picks up the pace of its cycle. There are various ways to exfoliate your skin and they will work well at first.

  • scrub
  • peel-off pack
  • chemical (acid) exfoliation
  • laser peeling

Actually, it smoothened and improved my skin’s texture. But at the same time, it left my skin irritated and vulnerable.


Let me talk about what happens under the skin in the next article.

Well, take care of your pores!

 - Kakushitsu Baiyo