A Long Time Ago in a Pore Deep, Deep Inside…

Have a great photo shoot of pores on your nose!


Hi, there! Thank you for coming to my crazy pore blog. I’m Kozue, pore buster from Tokyo.

Today, I’m going to show you how I take photos of pores on my nose.

Some gave me a comment saying their pores are bigger, deeper and dirtier than mine. But I’m sure theirs are not that much. Mine are the NO.1 in this world!

The problem is that, there is no way to compare my pores with theirs. Therefore, I’d like to make the “World standard of pores shot” to gain the compatibility.

Let’s start the lesson!

Front and both sides shots


300*300pixel thumbnails:120*120pixel

Things to prepare

> Compact Camera which has macro function.
> A hardcover book FYI:Mine is Don’t sweat the small staff… by Richard Carlson.
> The place where you won’t be watched by your family.
> Your pores (bigger is better)

How to

The most important thing is to set the environment and the configuration fixed.

Before taking the shot, make a “placing table” to fix the position of camera and your nose. Mark the guide lines on the back cover of uncovered hardcover book indicating the place where you put the camera and your nose.


Stand in front of the mirror and hold the place table (book) between your face and the mirror supported by your hand.


And put the camera and press the button.
It’s better to use “self timer” to avoid camera shake.

Crop the shot to square and re-size it to 300pixel square.



Microscope shot


Things to prepare

> USB Microscope
> PC or smart phone
> Your pores(Bigger is better)



How to

Place the scope on your nose and take a shoot, clicking the “Shot” icon on PC or smart phone. You can adjust the focus by turning the black dial.



Flat space is appropriate
It’s better to find the flat space rather than curved. Because the focal distance of the microscope is so short that when the center is in focus, the peripheral tend to be out of focus.


Avoid camera shake
Put the transparent plastic adapter to your nose to fix the scope. It is susceptible to camera shake. But don’t push it hard, which hurt your skin.

To shot the same pores on every time
1.Set the logo “Dino-Lite” on the top.
2.Remember the place where the top of the transparent plastic adapter is fixed to.



Give it a try! And let me know if you have any questions.

Take care of your pores!

 - Kouze Sakurada